About Us

Welcome to our realm - a haven where homeowners can gain advice and tips for a well-organized and well-functioning kitchen. Here, there is no line between men and women, as I, Christopher R Coyle - the founder, have created this blog as a “house-husband”. Yes, I’m a stay-at-home dad, and I’m here to prove that the kitchen was not meant for women only! With over 10 years as a full-time “dad” and home cook, I always find the best appliances to spruce up my kitchen, not only facilitating my daily tasks but also leaving me more joy. 

When it comes to kitchen appliances, a fridge, dishwasher, or microwave is what springs to your mind. But for me, the small kitchen appliances like knives, whisks, or even spoons are what I value and put more consideration on. Why? Because they are just way cheaper and smaller than those big “machines” that most home cooks overlook and then choose the wrong items.

Therefore, our new network was founded to help you realize how important those things are and know how to pick the right ones. 

It is also the place to provide the most practical reviews for people planning to buy kitchen items. This blog will point out the weaknesses in the products and help users get an objective view of various small kitchen appliance models.

With my 10-year experience plus our team’s support, product reviews and selection guides are provided regularly to meet the needs of each customer group.

Drawing on our in-depth understanding of the kitchen appliances field, our team can accurately show the strength of each model. Therefore, the manufacturers can improve their items to be more useful for potential customers.

We're working hard to make reviews as authentic as possible. By providing different images from users and categorizing similar reviews, we easily find the problem and suggest the most helpful advice to the shoppers.

In the process of sifting and verifying the accuracy of reviews, some errors may occur due to the reviewer's subjectivity. Besides, some flaws could be unintentionally caused by the production process. 

Therefore, it is impossible to equate all products with defects just because of 1 review. We are trying to improve it and give the information as authentic and unbiased as possible through experimentation.

Intending to always accept contributions to find the best product for your kitchen, we hope your confusion and concerns will be resolved when you come to us. 

Besides, we also aim to create a pleasant and friendly space, share useful experiences, and grow together. Therefore, we fully accept the comments of our readers to improve the quality of our website further.

Our goal is to get as much of your feedback as possible. So you can leave a comment in the statement section or contact us via e-mail or some contact methods we have provided. We’ll try to reply as soon as possible (you know, my full-time job is still a dad).

Finally, our team hopes that we can always satisfy the majority of customers' needs. More than that, we hope to attract more readers and expand the reputation and credibility of our website.

Sincere thanks to all of you who have helped and contributed to us with honest and useful information and reviews. We hope you will always feel comfortable and support us in the coming future.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in contact.

Email:  [email protected]