2018’s Top 5 Cabinet Table Saw


Anyone who is into woodworking needs a cabinet table saw. Cabinet table saw, or any other table saw, in general, makes woodworking easier and more manageable.

It does not matter whether one is working with a particularly large piece of wood, a sturdy and dependable cabinet table saw will do the job just right.

However, such kind of equipment also comes with a price and buying a nice quality cabinet table saw does not come in cheap. Knowing what makes a good table saw will make the task of finding the best one in the market simpler.

Also, having the best cabinet table saw will make woodworking projects for beginners an enjoyable task.


What is a cabinet table saw?

A cabinet table saw is one of the three types of table saws being used in the woodworking. From among the different power and hand tools in a workshop, the table saw is the most frequently used. It is, basically used for cutting and ripping through large chunks of wood.

There are four types of table saw that matches the varying requirements of those who will be using the equipment.

Cabinet table saw is for professional woodworkers whose do most of their jobs in a workshop or for hobbyists who have a large available space, as a work area. This type of table saw is not suited for those whose work involves moving to different places.

Cabinet table saw are a little pricey and might not work for those who have a limited budget.

However, this powerful equipment makes a good investment since this is an efficient and versatile cutting tool. Equipped with a 3HP motor, they are powerful and sturdy and works precisely. They are durable enough to last a long time.

On the other hand, this type of table saw is also the heaviest of all, with its cast iron worktops and steel cabinets. It is also not easy to move around and one has to use a heavy-duty base with a wheel to do so.

Woodworkers who constantly move around will find a portable table saw as a perfect fit, especially if they are working smaller stock of woods.

It also works best for those who have a limited space and budget, homebased contractors, and for those who do general carpentry. It is not suited to be used large wood chunks.

Also called as jobsite table saw, they are the lightest one and also the most travel-friendly among the three type. It is best suited for woodworking enthusiast and general handymen who do quick and shorter jobs.

However, it does not have sufficient power to cut through thick wood and their dust collection system is not so remarkable.

Contractor table saw are for contractors who work on project sites for a period of time. They are not for beginners and for woodworking professionals on the go. This type of table saw has a lot more power than a portable one but weigh less than a cabinet table saw.

Since they are quite hefty, it is best to leave them on a work site, only to be taken again once the project has been completed.

Lastly, the hybrid table saw is a good choice among woodworkers who want the power and precision of a cabinet table saw but do not have the budget for one.

However, they can be on the heavy side and one person cannot move it on his own.

They are equipped with a powerful motor but can be transported from one site to another by a couple of people.

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Why choose a cabinet table saw

Aside from those previously mentioned, choosing a cabinet table saw over the other types comes with a lot of advantages.

Cabinet table saw is packed with 2 to 5HP so it can cut through into almost all types of wood. With such amount of power, it is able to precisely and smoothly cut the wood, making the blades last longer. The noise it produces is already reduced, thanks to its enclosed base.

The cabinet also protects the motor and drive belts from jamming since no work pieces can get inside the base.

Cleaning the workshop is also a breeze because it has a large dust collection port that will keep dust from messing the place.

Its controls are easier to handle and that lifts off some pressure from the worker’s hands. Maintaining the machine is also easy because everything can be found inside or on the base of the cabinet table saw.

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What to look for to find the best table saw

Motor power

One of the most important things to look at when buying a table saw in the horse power. Without sufficient horse power, a table saw cannot cut through chunks of wood.

Higher horsepower also needs a higher voltage of electricity so it is also important to consider the available voltage in the workshop, in a project site, or in any place where a job has to be done, as well as the plug that will be used for it.

A cabinet table saw with 1.5 to 2HP requires a 120v circuit while a 3 to 5HP one will need 240v.

Look for cabinet table saw with a least 3HP and with a 4000 RPM blade speed to ensure maximum power.


Unlike a portable or contractor saw, cabinet table saw are designed as a permanent fixture in a workshop, so they tend to weigh more. In fact, they need to be heavy and pack on more heft so they would wobble or shake, or they would not cut precisely and smoothly.

Cabinet table saw usually weigh in between 300 to 500 pounds and a heavier one is favored since it offers more support.

Safety features

Pick a cabinet table saw that comes with a riving knife, rather than a splitter. A riving knife moves vertically along with the saw blade so there will be no flying wood pieces any time.

A cabinet table saw with a flesh sensor is also a good choice because it will automatically stop the saw as soon as it comes in contact with the skin.

There are also some models which have an emergency stop button that can shut down the spinning blade, to prevent any accident from taking place.

A magnetic safety switch is also a good feature to look for since it will stop the blades from automatically turning on after a power interruption.


A fence is the part of a table saw which ensures the proper measurement of the material one is working on and is important for the job to be accurate and safe Choose a cabinet table saw with a reliable fence that once locked, is solid enough to prevent flexing and sits on glide rails or rack and pinion systems.

The fence should be able to support the board and is easy to use.

Dust Port

A cabinet table saw with an efficient dust collection system is something to be sought since no one wants to have a dusty workshop or dust coming into their eyes.

Look for a model which has a large dust port that can catch more dust, especially when the table saw will be used for quite long hours.

Expandable table

If work space is an issue, look for a model of cabinet table saw which has an expandable table.


Some models do not come with blades to give the owner the option to install the type of blade he prefers.

For those which comes with a blade, make sure that they have sharp teeth around the edges and it comes in the right size that matches the type of job it will be used for.

Other important things to consider in buying a cabinet table saw

1. Budget

Cabinet table saw are pretty expensive, but they make a good investment. However, models with additional features may also cost differently.

A modestly-priced cabinet table saw comes with a 3HP motor, a cast iron worktop, a belt drive, a cabinet made from steel, and others. Higher priced ones also come with more features that make the table saw work more efficiently.

But keep in mind that it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive cabinet table saw and get all the great features since not all of it may not really be important at all, depending on one’s requirements.

A workplace which is after its workers’ safety may opt for a cabinet table saw with a number of safety features installed.

2. Usage and frequency of use

Consider also the types of cuts intended to be made by the table saw. Depending on the type of cut needed, one may look into the maximum rip and depth capacity of the saw.

A cabinet table saw which will be used regularly will have to be of high-quality but one does not have to own such one if the table saw will only be used for a couple of times in a period.

3. Mobility

Though cabinet table saw are stationary, there will be times that they need to move around the workshop. If that is the case, there wheeled base which can be purchased optionally. Just make sure to purchase a cabinet table saw that is compatible to work with a wheeled base.

Top 5 Cabinet Table Saw

BrandPowermatic 1792001K PM2000, 3HP, 1PH Table Saw
Shop Fox W1819 3HP 10-inch Table Saw with Riving KnifeGrizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving KnifeDelta 36-L552, 5HP, Unisaw 52-Inch Fence SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 3-HP
Maximum Depth of Cut3 1/8 inches (at 90 degrees)
2 1/8 inches (at 45 degrees)
3 1/8 inches (at 90 degrees)
2 3/16 inches (at 45 degrees)
3 1/8 inches (at 90 degrees)
2 3/16 inches (at 45 degrees)
3 1/8 inches (at 90 degrees)
2 1/8 inches (at 45 degrees)
3 1/8 inches (at 90 degrees)
2 1/8 inches (at 45 degrees)
Maximum Width of Dado13/16 inches13/16 inches13/16 inches1 1/8 inches13/16 inches
Maximum Rip of Blade50 inches-right
13 ½ inches-left
13/16 inches29 1/2 inches-right
12 inches-left
52 inches-right
13 1/2 inches-left
36 inches-right
12 inches-left
Table height from the floor34 ½ inches34 inches34 inches35 inches34 inches
Table Size22 x 30 ½ inches27 x 53 5/8 inches27 x 40 inches

31 x 82 inches20 x27 inches with extension wings at 12 x 27 inches each
Weight 535 lbs527 lbs530 lbs650 lbs491 lbs
Dimensions85 x 37 x 39 inches67 x 46.5 x 30 inches24 x 30 x 43 inches40 x 44x 50 inches69.1 x 33 x34 inches

1. Powermatic 1792001K PM2000


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  • Advantages

One can never go wrong with this cabinet table saw. Made from a heavy-gauge steel, its cabinet which is fitted with a cast-iron base provides stability which minimizes, if not eliminates, vibration.

Table saw an Accu-Fence system which allows precise and smooth cut and an extension fence that enables fine angle adjustments.

It also comes with a dust shroud and a quick release hose that connects to a four-inch diameter dust collection port at the back of the cabinet, reduces the risk of accidents caused by kickback with its quick release riving knife.

  • Disadvantages

There have been some reports that it is quite an effort to raise and lower the casters. Some users also complained that its table and legs do not sit properly flat on the floor which affect the stability and precision of the whole machine

2. Shop Fox W1819 3HP 10-inch 


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  • Advantages

This cabinet table saw is equipped with a lot of safety features that will greatly reduce the risk of any accidents related to the use of the saw itself.

The Shop Fox table saw has blade guard assembly which a clear polycarbonate shield that enables the user to see the blade while it is cutting a wood. Its anti-kickback pawls guide the wood to move in a single direction.

It comes with a miter gauge with adjustable T-slot and anodized fence and includes standard and dado table inserts. It is quite hefty and that assures users of its stability and fewer vibrations when it is at work.

  • Disadvantages

The equipment needs to be assembled and fine-tuned according to user’s preferences prior to its first use. The On/Off switch is quite small, which may become a bit of a safety concern especially in situation where the machine needs to be turned off right away.

3. Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife


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  • Advantages

This one is meant to last a long time with its heavy cast iron trunnions, triple belt drive and massive cast iron table and wings. Its Single Phase, 3HP Leeson triple belt drive motor delivers an arbor speed of almost 4,300 RPM and its triple V-belt will ensure the user of a smooth, clean, even, and accurate cut no matter how thick the wood is.

It also comes with a great design which surely adds aesthetic value to any workshop. Safety is not a problem with this table saw as it comes with a magnetic switch.

  • Disadvantage

However, some users complained that assembling this cabinet table saw is not an easy task, which may be due to its large size and weight.

4. Delta 36-L552, 5HP, Unisaw 52-Inch Fence


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  • Advantages

One can expect no vibrations at all with this cabinet table saw as its trunnion system comes with vibration protection. That does not only protect the user’s hands from shaking but also ensures that the cut it makes is smooth and accurate.

Its cast iron base also provides that stability which ensures precision in every cut it makes.

With its 5HP, 220V motor, it works powerfully not only with thick hard woods but with engineered products such as MDF and melamine. Such power will also make way for faster work that will save time.

  • Disadvantages

Assembling this cabinet table saw require a lot of effort and time, as well as lining up the fence to the miter. There are also some customer complains that the faces of the fence are not parallel and that the fence cursors are a little far from the rails.

5. SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 3-HP 


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  • Advantage

Equipped with a 36-inch t-glide fence system and 3HP motor, this cabinet table saw enables cutting in multiple directions. While its table is flat, its cabinet has a dust collection port that works with a vacuum hose.

It comes with a safety system that immediately stops the blade in less than one second once it touches the human skin and it turns right back on. Once it detects that the human skin is not in contact with the blade anymore.

It also comes with a transparent blade assembly that lets the user see the blade and also shields the motor from sawdust.

  • Disadvantage

With all its amazing features and benefits, the only disadvantage this model has, is that it is quite expensive. However, those who have the budget to purchase one will not regret doing so because it is really worth its price.


A powerhouse workshop needs an equally powerful cabinet table saw. All the models of cabinet table saw which have been mentioned in this article are good choices considering their motor power. Materials from which they are built, and the safety features which they are equipped with.

Buying any one from the list above is indeed an investment, given all the things that it can do, not to mention all the woodworks that it can produce.

If you’re serious about woodworking, do not think twice about buying one and you’ll find out soon that it was all worth it.


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